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 At a Glance...Paralegal Services in Barrie

Hiring a paralegal to prepare your legal documents, fight your traffic ticket or represent you in court, is a cost-effective way to manage many of your legal matters. Like a lawyer, a paralegal in Ontario is licensed by The Law Society of Upper Canada to provide legal services in Ontario. Unlike a lawyer, a paralegal charges a more judicious fee. An average hourly fee for a lawyer may start at $350.  A paralegal typically charges $100-$150/hour and many offer flat fees. This major cost savings opens up the justice system to all Ontarians, not just to those who can afford a pricey lawyer. Paralegals must provide legal services within their scope of practice. Call 705-797-4996 or email to find out if your matter can be handled by a licensed paralegal.

From small business owners to individuals, our professional service and practical price will  help get the job done right without breaking the bank. ParalegalPro is dedicated to achieving the best result in your matter. 

Call today at 705-797-4996 or email to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

    Paralegal vS. Lawyer

It's hard to know just where to start. ParalegalPro will take you step by step through your legal matters from start to finish.

ParalegalPro, a paralegal services firm ​in Barrie, Ontario is dedicated to you and all your different legal needs. Dawn O'Grady, the owner of ParalegalPro and a licensed paralegal, has over 25 years of small business experience. She is a member in good-standing with The Law Society of Upper Canada. Dawn will help you navigate through the often complex issues in Employment Law, Landlord and Tenant, Small Claims and  Highway Traffic Court.

While a win in court is a goal, the most important win is making you a happy, life-long client.  

Professional Service. Practical Price.