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​Here are some examples of full-entitlement:

A 35 year old factory worker, employed for 3 years is entiltled to 3 months compensation.

A 22 year old office assistant, employed for less than a year is entitled to 2 weeks-1 month of compensation.

A 60 year old manager, employed for 19 years is entitled to 18-24 months of compensation.

*These are examples and are not guarantees of    compensation.

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The chart below shows only the minimum entitlement under the Employment Standards Act. You are entitled to more under common law regardless of what your employer says!

Your full entitlement  under common law is much more. In addition to your salary, your severance includes bonuses, benefits, pensions, car allowance and stock options.

Length of Employment          Notice Period/Termination Pay 

Less than 3 months                None

3 months but < 1 year            1 week

1 year but <3 years                2 weeks

3 years but <4 years              3 weeks

4 years but <5 years              4 weeks

5 years but <6 years              5 weeks

6 years but <7 years              6 weeks

7 years but <8 years              7 weeks

8 years or more                      8 weeks