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Can I represent myself in court?

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Parts of the justice system in Ontario are designed to make it easier for people to represent themselves in court. You must still file all pertinent documents within the limitation periods, prepare your case and deal with the other party. Mistakes may be made which could end up costing you money, time and a lot of frustration. We will take care of your Small Claims court case from start to finish. We will deal with the other parties, file your documents on time and be with you in court.


The moment you pay your fine you are admitting guilt. The consequences could result in higher insurance premiums, demerit points and a smudge on your driving record. Don't miss a day of work to fight your ticket. ParalegalPro knows the complexities of the Highway Traffic Act and will help you get the best possible results for your matter.    


      Why fight a traffic ticket?      

Where do I begin?

You have just received a traffic ticket, or you have just been fired. Perhaps you have a dispute with a neighbour, or you have a tenant not paying rent. Take a deep breath and call or email us.

You can schedule a free 30 minute consultation. During this time, your matter will be reviewed to determine a plan of action and possible outcomes. If our legal services are retained, we will begin protecting your rights immediately.         

What is a paralegal?

A licensed paralegal in Ontario is permitted to provide legal services to the public. They are licensed by and are members of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Paralegals must carry Errors & Omissions Insurance and they have a permitted scope of practice under which they may provide legal services. In the past, many small businesses and individuals would not pursue a legal matter because of the high cost. A paralegals services cost less than lawyers, thereby opening up the justice system to all of Ontario. 

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