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Helping Small Business

ParalegalPro offers a unique services to Employers and Landlords and Lawyers. An Employee Protection Plan and a Landlord Protection Plan helps employers and landlords by  providing strategies and policies to avoid costly litigation. ParalegalPro offers services to lawyers that will save them time and money.


Many small businesses do not have resources for an in-house Human Resource department. As an employer, your time is spent operating your business. You may be unable to dedicate time and effort into drafting company policies and handbooks.

Disagreements with employees can quickly escalate and lead to litigation. The old adage "He Who Profits Pays" is a position that the courts often take. This may leave employers paying thousands of dollars to disgruntled employees. PREVENTION IS THE BEST STRATEGY. ParalegalPro offers personalized EMPLOYER PROTECTION PLANS  that aim to prevent conflicts between you and your employees. By collaborating with you to develop and implement human resource processes, employee manuals and strategies, we aim to prevent between you and your employees. If issues do arise, we will provide strategic legal advice in order to resolve matters and represent you through the litigation process, if necessary.


Are you renting out your basement, or have you purchased a rental property to supplement your income? Do you know how to protect yourself against savvy and sometimes unscrupulous tenants? PREVENTION IS THE BEST STRATEGY. A LANDLORD PROTECTION PLAN will educate and inform you on the best way to protect yourself and your property against undesirable tenants. The legal system is designed to protect the tenant, not the landlord.If issues do arise, ParalegalPro will provide legal advice and representation at the Landlord and Tenant Board in an effort to resolve any matters. 


ParalegalPro offers busy lawyers services to free up their time, allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of their business. We will save them time and money.

Professional Service. Practical Price.