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​Small Claims Court


Step #1     Consultation to assess your matter and weigh the strengths and weaknesses. 

Step #2     Prepare a claim or defense and file documents at court.

Step #3     Settlement Conference

Step #4     Trial (if necessary)

Suing or being sued up to the maximum limit of $25,000.00 in small claims court? ParalegalPro will help you navigate through the often complex legal system. From assessing your matter, and document preparation, to the settlement conference to the trial, ParalegalPro will provide you or your business professional representation that won't break the bank.

Steps of the Small Claims Process

$50.00 + 10% Contingency Demand Letter 

  • includes 2 telephone calls 

$500.00 for a Small Claims matter include:

  • Document Preparation
  • Legal Research 
  • ​Filing Court Documents
  • Disbursements extra 
  • ​Filing fees extra
  • Demand Letter

​$450.00-$500.00 Settlement Conference

$350.00-$1000.00/Day for Trial (if required)

In some cases, a contingency fee may be available.

​Multiple file discounts are available, please enquire.

*Fees subject to change without notice. All Fees subject to HST. Filing     fees and disbursements are in addition to legal fees.

​**Fees may be higher based on complexity and location.