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$1000 and up



Minor Charge (no accident)                                                  

Minor Charge (accident)                                                       

​Careless Driving                                                                   

Disobey School Bus                                                             

Drive with Suspended License                                              

Drive with no insurance                                                         

Failure to Remain at accident                                              

Stunt Driving                                                                    


Driving at Excessive Speeds                                           

Criminal Offences                                                          

​Impaired Driving                                                              

Failure to provide breath sample                                    


*All fees are subject to 13% HST

** Court fees and disbursements are in addition to rates above

***Fees are subject to change based on court location.


A charge under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act could result in a large fine, demerit points, and possibly an increase in your insurance premiums. Let ParalegalPro help protect your interests. We will weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your matter and determine the best route for you to proceed. In many cases, you will not have to miss a day of work to appear in court. Fighting your ticket may save you money and protect your driving record.

Traffic Tickets

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